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2020Arne Henden, Kristine Larsen, Forrest Sims, Tom PolakisDay 5 (June 21) Presentations
2020Eric Hintz, Sujay Nair, Elias Koubaa, Quinn Perian, Rick WassonDay 4 (June 20) Presentations
2020Daniel Parrott, Owen Dugan, Robert Zellem, Joyce Guzik, Sahana Datar, Brian CudnikDay 3 (June 14) Presentations
2020Eric Dose, John Hoot, Gary Cole, Bruce Howard, Talia Green, Brandon BoniacioDay 2 (June 13) Presentations
2020John Hoot, John C. Martin, Wayne Green, Anthony RoddaDay 1 (May 30) Presentations
2018Dr. Jessie ChristiansenUpdate on the Tess Mission and Follow-Up Activities
2018Ahmed ElshafieMary Reagan 1-Meter Telescope Observatory at College of the Desert
2018John C. MartinMulti-Epoch Photometry of Luminous Stars in M31 and M33
2018Brian CudnikPro-Am-Ed Astronomy With the Prairie View Observatory
2018Richard SchmudeScientific Results of the ALPO Remote Planets Section
2018Gary WalkersCMOS Camera Performance – Theory and Data
2018Tim RobertsonThe ALPO Podcast
2018Rachel FreedThe Astronomy Research Seminar – Wide-Ranging Impact on Student Education and Careers
2018Richard SchmudeNorth Polar Region of Mars
2018Stephen J. EdbergThermal Imaging of Astronomical Objects Using a Cell Phone
2018Eric DoseThoughts on Photometric Precision and Accuracy
2018Maurice ClarkNine New Variable Stars
2018John E. HootA Linux Virtual Machine for Astronomy and Education
2018Mike Reynolds, Tim RobertsonA Look at Submitted 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Data
2018Russ Genet, Dennis ContiAdvances in Speckle Interferometry for Smaller Telescopes
2018Rick WassonAn Experiment in Photometric Transformation for Speckle Inteferometry
2018Bruce HowardCatnip 3: A New Device for Optical SETI
2018Komal DagaChiral Systems on The Sun and Their Significance
2018Ron DiIulioCitizen Astronomers: Progress, Collaboratives and Research Projects
2018Sara MartinDistinguishing Between Fundamentally Different Types of Solar Prominences
2018Dennis ContiExoplanet False Positive Detections Using Small Telescopes
2018James FosterExploration in Spectroscopy and Astrophysics of Symbiotic, Solar Analog, Cataclysmic, and Be Stars
2018Forrest SimsFirst-Year Learning Spectroscopy With Shelyak Lisa
2018Pat BoyceInvestigation Into the Accuracy of Small Telescope CCD Astrometry of Visual Double Stars
2017Dr. Jessie Christiansen, Staff Scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Archive NASA Kepler Mission Participating ScientistWorkshop “Kepler and Tess Opportunities” Part 1

Workshop “Kepler and Tess Opportunities” Part 2

Workshop “Kepler and Tess Opportunities” Part 3
2017Carter BeckerMultiwavelength Observations of the Eclipsing Binary NSV 03438 Between January 2013 and March 2016
2017Pat BoyceA Community-Centered Astronomy Research Program
2017David BoydSpectrophotometry of Symbiotic Stars
2017Gary ColeUsing All Sky Imaging To Improve Telescope Scheduling
2017Dennis ContiExoplanet Observing: From Art to Science
2017Brian CudnikAn Ongoing Program for Monitoring the Moon for Meteoroid Impacts
2017Reed EstradaObservations of the Star Cor Caroli at the Apple Valley Workshop 2016
2017Rachel FreedAn Overview of Ten Years of Student Research and JDSO Publications
2017Mattia GaliazzoTaxonomy Discrimination of the Tina Asteroid Family via Photometric Color Indices
2017Russell GenetStudent Research Within Communities of Practice
2017Sean GilletteEngaging Teenagers in Astronomy Using the Lens of Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State STANDARDS4
2017Wayne GreenTechniques of Photometry and Astrometry With APASS, Gaia and Pan-STARRS Results
2017Arne HendenHow Faint Can You Go?
2017John HootShoestring Budget Radio Astronomy
2017John KenneyHow To Use Astronomical Spectroscopy To Turn the Famous Yellow Sodium Doublet D Bands Into a Stellar Speedometer and Thermometer
2017Paul LuckasThe Spirit Telescope Initiative – Six Years On
2017Kristine LarsenUse of the AAVSO S International Variable Star Index (VSX) in an Undergraduate Astronomy Course Capstone Project
2017John MartinModeling Systematic Differences in Photometry by Different Observers
2017John MenkeA Wideband Spectropolarimeter
2017Mario MottaWD 1145+017
2017Richard StantonExploring the Unknown: Detection of Fast Variability of Starlight
2016Robert K. BuchheimWhat Color Is PG1302-102?
2016Donald G. BrunsRepeating the Experiment That Made Einstein Famous
2016Gary M. ColeSmall Telescope Spectropolarimetry: Instrumentation and Observations
2016Eric R. CraineEmpirical Measurements of Filtered Light Emitting Diode (FLED) Replacements
2016Eric V. DoseMixed-Model Regression for Variable-Star Photometry
2016Stephen J. EdbergAn Automated System for Citizen Searches for Exoplanets
2016Russell M. GenetSmall Telescope Research Communities of Practice
2016Robert M. GillClues to the Evolution of W Ursae Majoris Contact Binary Star Systems
2016Jesse M. GoldbaumAstronomical Instrumentation System Markup Language (AISML)
2016Wayne L. GreenM-Dwarf Discovery and Variability From Serendipitous Field Star Observations
2016John E. HootFollow Up Photometry on MOTESS-GNAT Variable Star Candidates
2016Jerry D. HorneNew Observations of the Variable Star NGC 6779 V6
2016Thomas G. KayeWhite Dwarf WD-1145
2016John C. MartinCrowd-Sourced Spectroscopy of Long Period Mira-Type Variables
2016Daniel M. Van NoordPredicting a Luminous Red Novae
2016Tom BuchananEarly Images of Sodium in the Tail of Comet Hale-Bopp
2016David BoydMeasuring Stellar Radial Velocities With a LISA Spectrograph
2016Dennis M. ContiThe Role of Amateur Astronomers in Exoplanet Research
2016John L. MenkeA Bespoke Spectropolarimetrist
2015Brian D. WarnerOn the Spin Axis Distribution of the Hungaria Asteroids
2015Steve HillThe Utility of Outer Planet Spectroscopy
2015Richard BerrySpectroscopic Observation of the 2014 October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse
2015Tom BuchananMathematical Fit to the Hexagon on the North Pole of Saturn
2015Brian CudnikAmateur Radio Communication With a Deep Space Probe
2015Eric CraneLight Emitting Diodes and Astronomical Environments: Results From In Situ
2015John HootPhotometric Standards for Non-Standard Filters
2015Matt PennCitizen Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse Experiment
2015Richard StantonTriple Photometer: Design and Initial Results
2015Bruce HowardAmateur Optical SETI With a Three-Beam Coincident Photometer
2015Jeff HopkinsVV Cephei Eclipse Campaign 2017/18
2015Mark BrewerApple Valley Double Star Workshop
2015Wayne GreenA High-Resolution Radial Velocity Study of Short-Arc Binary Star Candidates
2015Richard HarshawSpeckle Interferometry With Amateur-Class Equipment
2015Richard NugentConcerning the Video Drift Method To Measure Double Stars
2015Ernest IversonMeasuring Double Stars With the Modified Video Drift Method
2015Edward L. Foley (Presented by Russ Genet)Observation of Large Delta-Magnitude Close Binaries With Shaped Aperture Masks
2015Jo JohnsonEvolution of Astronomy Research Seminar
2015Roger B. CulverCharacterizing Sky Brightness Variations: Fort Collins, CO, and Tucson, AZ
2015Ron DilulioCitizen Astronomers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2015Jon MorseThe Astro-1 Space Telescope
2015Albert StiewingOrion Project Status Report
2015Michael J. CookThe LARI Experience: Young Stellar Light Curves
2015Robert BuchheimWelcome
2014Stephen EdbergMini-Moons and Cube-Sats
2014Tom FieldHands-On Spectrum Processing
2014Joseph CarroCCD Astrometry of Double Stars
2014Tom CalderwoodDetecting Observer Offsets in Sparse Photometry
2014David BoydThe Asynchronous Polar V1432 Aquilae and Its Path Back to Synchronism
2014Joe PattersonThe CBA: Basements, Backyards, and Binaries
2014John MartinA Crowd-Sourced Light Curve for Sn 2014G
2014Josh HambschIntensive Remote Observations of Novae
2014Wayne GreenImpact of Observing Parameters on 17 Nights With Nova Del 2013
2014Joe PattersonRecovering From the Classical Nova Disaster
2014James VailPushing the Envelope: CCD Flat Fielding
2014Eric DoseToward Millimagnitude Photometric Calibration
2014Eric CraneA Strategy for Urban Observatory Site Preservation: An Arizona Example
2014Rick WassonMeasuring Double Stars With the Video Drift Method
2014Russell GenetKitt Peak Speckle Interferometry of Close Binary Stars
2014Jeffrey HopkinsA Photometry and Spectroscopy Project for Small Observatories
2014Nicholas DunckelSimplified Color Photometry Using APASS Data
2014Stephen WaltersSoftware Based Supernovae Recognition
2014John MenkeSpectro-Polarimetry: Another New Frontier
2014Tom FieldA Survey of Current Spectroscopic Tools, Capabilities, and Activities
2014Douglas WelchSurveying for Historical Supernova Light Echoes in the Milky Way Field
2014Mike SimonsenThe Z Campaign: Year Five
2014Douglas WalkerA Search for Extreme Horizontal Branch Stars in the General Population
2014Arto OksanenHow To Discover Gamma-Ray Burst Optical Transients
2014Geoffry ClaytonHow Many R Coronae Borealis Stars Are There Really?
2014Enrique deMiguelPhotometry on Two New WZ SGE-Type Stars
2014Brian CudnikGround-Based Efforts Supporting a Space-Based Experiment: Recent Results
2014Michael GerhardtDiurnal Parallax Distance Determination of Asteroids From a Single Station
2014Gary Vander HaagenDifferential Compensation of High Temporal Resolution Flare Search Data
2014Mahfuz KruengThe Strange Case of GSC 05206–1013
2014Donald CollinsModern V Photometry of B Persei
2014Robert BuchheimImproving Signal-to-Noise
2013Robert StephensOasis Under a Canopy of Stars
2013Richard StantonConfiguration of a Large Dobsonian for Remote Imaging
2013Kenneth WhightSpectroscopic Study of the Blue Component of Alberio
2013John MenkePutting the New Spectrometer To Work
2013Erin CraineSkyglownet: An Internet-Enabled Night Sky Monitoring System
2013Eric CraineSedona Roadway Lighting Projects: Implications on Observational Astronomy
2013Rob LaPointeBohdan Paczynski: A Big-Science Polymath Promoter of Small Telescope Science
2013Arne HendenThose Devilish Surveys
2013Gilbert ClarkBringing Students to Astronomy
2013Richard DitteonResearch, Education, and Outreach at the Oakley Observatories
2013Bruce Gary (Jerry Foote, presenter)Searching for White Dwarf Exoplanets
2013Russell GenetSpeckle Interferometry of Close Double Stars
2013Jerry HorneMulti-Effect Variables in the Kepler Database
2013Eric CraineContact Binary Star Candidates in the Motess-Gnat Catalogs
2013Roy TuckerFollow-Up Observations From the Motess-Gnat MG1 Variable Star Catalogs
2013Lance BennerRadar Observations of Asteroids
2013Kevin RyanAsteroid 1110 Jaroslawa: Results From an International Collaboration
2013Eduardo Alvarez (Robert Buchheim, presenter)Diurnal Parallax of Pluto
2013Wayne GreenUsing Jpl Horizons To Predict Jupiter Extinction Events
2013Scott DegenhardtJEE2013 Observing Campaign Results
2013Brian CudnikCall for Observations: 2013 Ladee Mission
2013Emily LakdawallaBetter Conference Talks
2013Opening Remarks
2012John E. HootDSLR and CCD Occultation Methods
2012Tom KayeTracking Bolides, 3D Visualization and Data
2012Richard StantonPhoton Counting – One More Time
2012Gary Vander HaagenHigh Speed Photometry
2012Wayne GreenImaging Pipeline Processing Using Python Plus PyRAF
2012Russ GenetCCD Double Star Observations
2012Eric CraneThe Light at Night Mapping Project
2012Kevin B. AltonA Fresh Look at the Algol-Like Eclipsing Binary AO Ser
2012Doug Walker (and Students)Low-Resolution Spectroscopy of the Eclipsing Binary Star Algol
2012John BeaverExtremely Low-Cost Point-Source Spectrometry (ELCPS)
2012Stan GordenskiHigh-Resolution Spectroscopy for the Amateur
2012John MenkeObservations Using a Medium-Resolution Home-Built Fast Spectroscope
2012Jeff HopkinsSmall Telescope Spectroscopy of Epsilon Aurigae
2012Tim PuckettSupernova Searching
2012Enrique de MiguelER Uma: A Dwarf Nova With Surprises
2012Josch HambschRemote Observations of Variable Stars
2012David TurnerWhy Visual Observations of Mu Cep Are Important
2012David BoydPV Cep and Gyulbudaghian’s Variable Nebula
2012Alan W. HarrisOn the Maximum Amplitude of Harmonics of an Asteroid Lightcurve
2012Eduardo Alvarez (Robert Buchheim, presenter)Diurnal Parallax Determination of Asteroids
2012Maurice ClarkShape Modeling of Three Asteroids
2012Brian CudnikLunar Meteor Impacts
2012Deidre HunterThe Lowell Amateur Research Initiative
2012Bruce Gary (Jerry Foote, Presenter)Photometric Monitoring of YY Gem
2012Joe PattersonThe Tortured Accretion Disk of BK Lyn
2012Bill Goff (Editor-in-Chief, Sky/Telelscope)Photometry of Hubble’s First M31 Cepheid
2012Opening Remarks
2011Richard KowalskiThe Catalina Sky Survey and Tales of 2008 TC3
2011David BoydAn Alternative Method of Deriving Transform Constants
2011Thomas SmithFlat Field Calibrations for APASS
2011Robert BuchheimA Modern Incarnation of Tycho’s Parallax Method
2011Gary ColoePolarimetry of Epsilon Aurigae From Mid-Eclipse to Third Contact
2011Jerry HorneKepler Variables in the Field of EV Lyr
2011Gary Vander HaagenThe Silicon Photomultiplier for High-Speed Photometric Studies
2011Richard BerryHi-Precision Differential Astrometry
2011Robert A. KoffFinding Targets of Opportunity
2011John HootPoint and Shoot Astronomy
2011Kodiak Darling, Kristy Diaz, Arriz LucasVisual Binary Start Observations
2011Robert GillHi-Res Littrow Spectrograph
2011Olivier ThizzyPro-Am Spectroscopy Collaborations
2011Eric and Erin CraineThe Sky Brightness Data Archive
2011Peter CeravoloThe Wide-Field Cassegrain: Exploring Solution Space
2011Russ GenetTelescopes From Afar
2011Lance BennerRadar Observations of Asteroids
2011Brian D. WarnerSave the Lightcurves!
2011Debra CeravoloSpectral Mapping: A Scientific Approach to “Pretty Picture” Imaging
2011R. Jay GaBanyGood Science With Modest Instruments
2011Robert Naeye(Editor-in-Chief, Sky/Telelscope)In Search of Other Worlds (Exoplanets)
2010Megna and StephensA Tale of Two Space Rocks
2010HendenExciting Developments in the Sky
2010GreenAsynchronous Meteor Observations
2010Genet et al.Light Bucket Astronomy
2010BuchheimAsteroid Phase Curves
2010Degenhardt et al.Io and Europa Atmospheres Detected During Mutual Events
2010ThizyBe Stars & Pro-Am Collaboration
2010SimonsenThe “Z Campaign” – Z Camelopardalis
2010KoffUnusual Behavior of TT Arietis
2010MenkeThe Story of the U Scorpii Outburst
2010PattersonCBA and Cataclysmic Variables
2010WalkerIntroducing Astronomy-Related Research Into Non-Astronomy Courses
2010HorneROTSE-I RRC Lyrae Stars
2010Smith et al.AAVSO’S APASS Photometric Catalog
2010Price et al.First Decadal Survey of Amateur Astronomy and Astrophysics
2010HarrisHighlights of Asteroid Research
2010ColePolarimetry of Epsilon Aurigae
2010BillingsRapid Cadence Monitoring of EPS Aurigae
2011Opening Remarks
2010StencelEpsilon Aurigae – 2010 Progress
2010Hopkins et al.Epsilon Aurigae – 2009 Ingress