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2016 Symposium
June 16-18, 2016

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2012 Symposium Videos

Click on a link to open your default application to display Windows WMV files. The files are between 30 and 400 MB.

Please note: The Day 1 videos are of lesser quality due to technical problems. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Day 1
Opening Remarks

16 minutes

Bill Goff
Photometry of Hubble's First M31 Cepheid

18 minutes

Joe Patterson
The Tortured Accretion Disk of BK Lyn

14 minutes

Bruce Gary (Jerry Foote, Presenter)
Photometric Monitoring of YY Gem

15 minutes

Deidre Hunter
The Lowell Amateur Research Initiative

22 minutes

Brian Cudnik
Lunar Meteor Impacts

Maurice Clark
Shape Modeling of Three Asteroids
12 minutes

Eduardo Alvarez (Robert Buchheim, presenter)
Diurnal parallax determination of asteroids
14 minutes

Alan W. Harris
On the Maximum Amplitude of Harmonics of an Asteroid Lightcurve

13 minutes

David Boyd
PV Cep and Gyulbudaghian's Variable Nebula
17 minutes

David Turner
Why Visual Observations of Mu Cep are Important
19 minutes

Josch Hambsch
Remote Observations of Variable Stars
19 minutes

Enrique de Miguel
ER Uma: A Dwarf Nova with Surprises
20 minutes

Tim Puckett
Supernova Searching
15 minutes

Jeff Hopkins
Small Telescope Spectroscopy of epsilon Aur
18 minutes

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DC-3 Dreams
16 minutes

19 minutes