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2013 Symposium
Read Sky/Tel Recap

2014 Symposium
Joint meeting with AAVSO and CBA.
See recap in Vol 12-3 newsletter.

2015 Symposium
Videos and the full proceedings are available on the Publications page.

See recap in Vol 13-3 newsletter.
now open.
Symposium Videos
Videos of paper presentations from 2010 to-date are available on the Publications page.

The Symposium on Telescope Science

The annual Symposium on Telescope Science will celebrate its 33rd anniversary in 2014. The Symposium has become one of the premiere events for amateur astronomers and for building pro-am collaborations. Amateurs, and some professionals, make presentations covering a wide range of topics, from imaging basics, to photometry, to spectroscopy, to instrumentation, and more. Observing targets reach from near-Earth to the edges of the Universe. If you're at least a little interested in astronomical research, this is one of the events attend each year. The submitted papers are available in the proceedings at the time of the Symposium.


Click here to download previous year proceedings and/or papers (2000 through last meeting).


2013 Symposium

The 2013 Symposium on Telescope Science was held 2013 May 21-23. About 100 people attended.

Read Robert Buchheim's recap posted on the Sky and Telescope web site

Read blog post by Emily Lakdawalla

2014 Symposium

The Symposium was held June 12-14 at the Ontario Airport Hotel, Ontario, CA. See a recap (with lots of pictures) in the SAS Newsletter Vol 12-3

2015 Symposium

The Symposium was held June 11-13 at the Ontario Airport Hotel, Ontario, CA. See the Publications page for videos and the full proceedings.
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Watch an interview about the 2011 Symposium on Telescope Science with Sky and Telescope Editor-in-Chief, Robert Naeye, and SAS Board members Bob Stephens and Brian Warner.